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Factions and Parties in Georgia, 1807-1845, Part 1 (In Pursuit of Dead Georgians, 34)

[Note: Between 1807 and 1845, the political system in Georgia underwent a reluctant, clumsy, and—to outsiders—baffling evolution. Georgia politics seemed so bizarre that Baltimore editor Hezekiah Niles was wont to look down his increasingly Whiggish nose and mutter something along … Continue reading

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An Anti-Slave Trade Movement in Middle Georgia, 1816-1826? (In Pursuit of Dead Georgians, 21 )

[Note:  Historical research is not always cut and dried.  For example, in investigating Georgia politics after the War of 1812, I came upon a movement mounted in Middle Georgia against certain aspects of the legal domestic slave trade, targeting  traders who … Continue reading

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