[ Note: This blog, “Retired But Not Shy” (RBNS) is now over twelve years old, and over that period of time, I have put up more than two hundred posts! Given that, I’ve decided that the time has come to dive deep into the RBNS archive and re-publish early posts that, either originally or in retrospect, offered a look at what I hoped to produce. These re-posts are not simply “the best of”; rather, they delve into what I had hoped to create with this blog.]

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  1. Retro-Posts,1: An Introduction: “About” page; First Post (June 2010)
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  3. Retro-Post 3:
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  5. Retro-Post 5: Retro-Post number 5: “Race–and History–Matter” (April 1, 2013) | Retired But Not Shy (